pew end bow decorations, hand made bows x 10

pew end bow decorations, hand made bows x 10


pew end bow decorations, hand made bows  x 10

black & white pew bows 

10 x pew ends bows & organza kits
this kit comes to you completly made up and ready to be attached to the pew ends / chairs
They measure approx. 7-8" in diameter and 18-20" in length.
there is a ribbon ready for you to tie round the top of the pew ends/chairs
 these Pew bows are hand tied from 2" wide  florist ribbon,giving you a full bow which looks pretty and full
 from all angles. the bow is attached to the organza.
They provide an attractive and cost- effective  solution to wedding venue decorating
giving off a quality effect you will love
Therefore, they could easily be used to decorate both your wedding & reception venue.
Stairwells look particularly stunning when dressed with these bows.
all colours available just let me know what colours you require
bows can be made with 1,2,or 3 colours

colours available

 gold, ivory ,baby pink, hot pink, lilac,black, white,burgundy,purple,red,
baby blue,royal blue, green,dark brown,yellow & silver

if you require more than 1o bows please email and we will send you a quote
If you have questions  please don't hesitate to contact us..we'd be pleased to help.
 Because these items are handmade to order, please allow 7-10 working days for your bow order to
 be made up and dispatched



Quantity:  at  £45.00  each